Blood Cell Anylsis

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November 11-12, 2017

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If DOING EARS helps at all, the effects are typically cumulative and progressive, indicating your body knows how to correct the problem and heal itself.


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EARS 2 R HEALTH Alternative Healthstyles™

EARS 2 R HEALTH Alternative Healthstyles™ is a multi-disciplinary, Exo-Denominational adMinistry™ that utilizes principles gathered from many varied ancient and modern texts, authors, and resources addressing all aspects of spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual humanity.

Auricular/outer ear Reflexology (DoingEars© : Auto-Reflexology™ for Families) is non-invasive, safe, and simple. Stimulating specific points on the ear strengthens the functions of the body's organs, muscles and bones to do their job more effectively. The body is restored to optimum health and balance while problems are corrected. Success is restoration of the body's balance and harmony.

EARS 2 R HEALTH Alternative Healthstyles™ may help introduce and explore effective ways to address obesity, allergies, blood pressure or blood sugar imbalances, asthma, migraines, and mood, sleep, or sexual disorders. Just ask one of our consultants: there are safe, natural alternatives in nearly every case.

Clients in “the weight loss program” report less cravings for sweets, salty and/or fried foods, and junk foods in general, making this an ideal program for anyone with very little willpower.

Time and experience have shown that participants in this program, along with support groups and/or counseling to overcome addictions, can decrease their cravings for drugs and alcohol, reduce or even prevent withdrawal symptoms, and relieve stress while increasing relaxation and stabilizing emotions and sleep patterns.


IDEAL WEIGHT results from a combination of many variable factors. Participants may lose 5-10 lbs/month without effort but the amount of weight and/or size you lose will depend upon how you choose to take advantage of the program. There are no rules or requirements, only a multitude of choices.

PAIN comes from obstruction, according to some eastern principles, and may be related to stress, trauma, destructive emotional patterns, poor diet, or pathogenic factors. This method of auricular reflexology is one of many safe, gentle, drug-free alternatives.

ATTITUDE affects every area of our lives. Decide up front why you want to participate in this program. If your motive is strong, you will succeed but must learn to focus on health rather than focusing on symptoms. You may need to experience a long-term change of attitude, resulting in long-term change of habits, to reach your goal of long-term freedom from your pain or weight problem. Health is our first priority!

HEALTHY EATING is an important part of wellness. Fad diets and rapid-loss programs only weaken the body and reduce immune factors. Explore options that will contribute to your health, rather than sacrifice it.

EXERCISE boosts the immune system and assists healthy metabolism, but it’s a choice only you can make. When you're ready, we can discuss options to find a form of exercise you enjoy and will choose to fit into your lifestyle without too much inconvenience.

ENERGY is increased for most participants in the program, and many report better sleep cycles. Don't be surprised if the increase in vitality and stamina provides you with more motivation to explore Alternative Healthstyles and enjoy your life again!

EMOTIONS stabilize with each session, and you may feel calmness and a sense of well-being that has a positive effect in every area of your life. Emotions may be the single most important factor in health and wellness because destructive emotions that are unexpressed or held-in may have a negative effect on the body (i.e., our internal organs), causing long-term imbalances. As the body rebalances, emotions rebalance too.

EDUCATION is an important part of goal fulfillment. Books, CDs and/or websites and seminars may be suggested to help you and your loved ones learn more about personal health and help you feel more in control of your lives.

Congratulations for pursuing wellness!

Contact EARS 2 R HEALTH for a complimentary preview.

RESULTS  will vary, depending upon all of the above factors and more.  There are no guarantees or promises of any particular results during any specific period of time.  Reflexology is only one personal choice from many tools available for self-care.

Before beginning any new diet, exercise, or self-care program, it is recommended you consult your personal healthcare practitioner.